Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Upcycle T-shirt to Pillow

 A while ago, my sister asked me if I could salvage one of her favourite t-shirts that was beyond repair.  Originally, we were thinking I could turn it into some sort of bag, but the material was too flimsy & I just couldn't get inspired.  I had that t-shirt in my sewing room for months.  Hubby suggested a pillow and within minutes, I was cutting, fusing, and sewing away.  I found this piece of pink upholstery weight fabric in my stash and decided it would work nicely with the colours from the shirt.    

I am so happy with the final result...and my sister is too!

I used lightweight iron-on fusible interfacing to reinforce the square that I cut from the t-shirt.  This helped to keep it square while I sewed around the edges too.  The interfacing was only one-sided, so I pinned the applique in several spots and then carefully made a tight zigzag stitch around the edge with coordinating pink thread.

I included the t-shirt label that was printed on the inside of the t-shirt on the back of the pillow mostly because it had a beautiful swirly design around it, but especially because it said "Made in Thailand".  My sister ventured on an epic trip to South East Asia in the fall that included time spent in Thailand.

I sandwiched 2 layers of wide flat strips made from the body of the t-shirt around the edge of the pillow.  Once sewn in place, I carefully cut these into little fringe pieces and then tied the two layers into single knots all the way around.  A task best done while watching a tiny bit of t.v. with hubby late one evening.

The pillow became my sister's birthday present...she's turning 30 in a couple of days.  Happy Birthday lil'sis!  Hope you enjoy many a snuggle with your old t-shirt turned into a new pillow. xox


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