Wednesday, August 15, 2012

CSA Week Nine

Week nine brings us red potatoes, zucchini, summer squash, a huge vegetable marrow, spinach, beets & their tops, basil, sweet corn,  baby cucumbers, garlic, onion and a dozen fresh eggs. 
Our farmers are taking advantage of the long awaited rain and have decided to plant a variety of short season produce in the hopes of having a more bountiful harvest over the coming weeks.  I am still impressed that they have been able to get as much as they have from the sun baked fields, but I know they wish they had more to give us. In truth, the crop has been smaller than in years past, but that is the risk we willingly take as CSA members.  I am even more appreciative for this beautiful food knowing how hard it is to produce.  Many CSA operations in our area have been cancelled.  We're so lucky to still be receiving weekly baskets like this.

 We spent the other evening putting up 4 dozen cobs of corn from another nearby farm, so it's nice to now have this corn to feast on straightaway.

 This basil will be delicious in some homemade tomato sauce!

 Baby cucumbers good for eating as is, in salads, or to make tzatziki sauce with Greek yogurt.

These cucumbers & garlic remind me it's time to make pickles!  I had better put in an order for a half bushel of #2 cukes...they're the small ones.  Delish!

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