Thursday, August 23, 2012

CSA Week Ten

 This week we will be enjoying salad greens, summer squash, zucchini, onion, rainbow chard, green pepper, cabbage, garlic, oyster mushrooms, cucumber, heirloom cherry tomatoes, sweet corn, and one dozen fresh eggs.  Wow.  How deliciously delightful.  

 Baby E came over to see this week's produce up close.  She loves visiting the farm and saying hi to all the animals.  This week, she & I stayed home because we lost track of time at the beach and it was nearly E's bedtime when hubby went to get our veggies!  We'll have to head over earlier next week so we don't miss out on our visit.

Those beautifully hued tomatoes inspired me to make pasta salad for lunch.
Here is the beautiful medley of veggies that I chopped for our pasta salad.

...and here is the tiny hand that entered my viewfinder while I was taking the photos! is the curious furry face that also popped into my view behind the lens. is when I decided that it's wonderful to have a one year old who loves eating farm fresh food.

...and here is the moment before the bowl got tipped over and half of the veggies ended up in sweet Baby E's lap!  You can see it happening can't you?  
I was behind the camera & la-dee-da, before I knew it, FLIP!
We all had a good laugh about it, even E thought it was pretty funny.

Oh well, at least the rest of the vegetables went into this rice pasta salad along with feta, olive oil, & balsamic vinegar...and now I have more darling pictures to add to my ever growing collection!

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