Wednesday, September 12, 2012

CSA Week Thirteen

 We're nearing the end of our weekly share, and though many crops did not survive and others did not produce as much as last year, we still have quite a lovely basket again this week.  We will be enjoying sweet corn, "Snowy Frost" acorn squash, one dozen eggs, red potatoes (love those teeny ones!), "Candy Cane" beets, heirloom tomatoes including cherry & peach varieties, an onion, a bulb of garlic, a cucumber, and a summer squash.  I can't wait to roast that acorn squash.
I love these candy cane beets!  They look so rough and plain from the outside, but when you cut into them, you are rewarded with a dazzling beauty each and every time.  Last year, there were enough of these beets in our weekly baskets that we decided to pickle some.  They were so gorgeous in the jars for the first few days, but then the brine slowly darkened to a lovely purple colour so the stipes were no longer visible.  We're currently eating the last jar from the pantry.


  1. I planted those bassano beets this year for the first time! when they came up i almost thought they were turnips cuz of the color, but they sure taste sweet. I like how you always display your CSA contents :0)

  2. Awe, thanks erin! I wasn't sure they were beets when I first saw them either.
    PS I love seeing pictures from your garden...must feel so great to grow your own food.


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