Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Inspirational Classroom Poster

When Miss Night of Miss Night's Marbles posted a phenomenal list of what she does in her classroom, I was moved to help her make it into something that could be shared with other caring professionals.  This is the final product, in 3 forms, for any and all to pin, copy, print, share, hang, and most of all, follow in any space that is shared with children.  If you are a teacher, or know a teacher, please pass this on!

If you want to see how this poster came about, visit Miss Night here for her original post, and here for her reaction to what I created using  The sequence of events was a win-win for us all and I sincerely thank Miss Night for sharing her beautiful sentiments with us.  Children in classrooms everywhere will benefit if we all act a little more like Miss Night.   

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